Awesome Adventures of a Remigrant (Paperback)

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ISBN: 978-94-93255-51-7

NUR code: 372
NUR omschrijving: humor

Reeks: Awesome Adventures
Druk:  Eerste druk

Illustraties: Nee
Taal: Engels
Editie: Softcover
Verschijningsdatum: 05-10-20

This book is a sequel to the author's first book ‘Awesome Adventures of an Immigrant’ where he went into the footsteps of Abel Tasman to discover New Zealand. 

Upon returning to his home country he felt like a new-comer. In the same pointy style guided by his imaginary opponent ‘Hugo’ the author tries to make sense of his country by following some history of it. 

As in New Zealand some myopic characters are at work, and the peculiar mind of the author puts a magnifying glass on them. Without the fine tuned skills in English expression the inimitable style of his writing adds color and fascination to the events he describes.